«The darker the night, the brightest the stars will shine».

It could be a nice slogan for an electric company campaign, but this time we are talking about resilence: that innate capacity we all have as human beings, but unknown for many (except those that have had to endure a real drama in their lives and keep going in spite of the suffering and pain).

It does not relate to those that make a fush when a nail is torn off or when they lose a casual match, for example. We are talking about that superhuman capability that emerges from our deepest and most tragic moments, as a little candle holding on, a tiny ray of light, hope or faith, that lead us to move on, go ahead, get out of bed, heal ourselves and lift up the chin towards the world.

When the battle is lost, the land is scorched, and the projects for the future shattered ; within that absolute inner darkness there is a space, a perfect emptiness to settle a new reality, like a cataclysm or a bing bang.

The darker the night, the wider chance to discover, recicle or dust off our talents and virtues. It will depend on the moment we left them in the walk of life. Any kind of movement needs energy, and the biggest the friction, the most energy it produces.A clear example would be the wise homo sapiens discovering the fire after trying and trying rubbing the stones against each other.

If we take all our problems and rub them against each other, for sure the anger and frustation would be so big that the spark would be tremendous. But we have to be careful with that, because if we do not lead that spark to the outside, it will burn ourselves.

At this stage of the experiment, it is really important to count on a big dose of detachment. In other words, to get out of our comfort zone: what does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Leading the energy, in a constructive and creative manner is crucial for the resilence and prosperity to grow up. This act could be named art, and be sold for 20.000€, as the Wilfredo Prieto´s «half a glass of water» master piece!